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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  October 24, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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family's privacy to be respected. returning to texas and trying to get back to a normal life and reunite with my dog and family. and pham also met with president obama at the white house. the new york city doctor battling the virus continues to be treated at belleview hospital in new york city. >> and health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman with the latest on that. >> from a medical standpoint the protocols were followed. dr. spencer returned on the 17 and was self-monitoring. he reported an elevated temperature on the 23rd and called doctors without borders. there are some concerns about him being out in the community before his symptoms started. and just in the past hour officials in new york and new jersey have changed their rules saying if someone is high-risk they will be quarantined even if they don't have symptoms. and democrat spencer was
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following the current federal protocol. >> if you don't have symptoms you cannot spread the disease, not containingous. no problem with him being out and about about he was sick. >> and the doctor defends dr. craig spencer's activity being out and about after returning from sierra leone. and self-monitoring. when the temperature hit 100.3 he reported it. after that the mayor of new york city said that everything went as planned. >> the process played out exactly as the protocol dictated yesterday. literally to the tee. >> in terms of his travel on the subway, running or restaurants. every day new yorkers should not be overly concerned. you can only catch ebola when someone is sick and through direct contact with bodily fluids. white the situation in new york is being handled, the outbreak in west aftrica continues.
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>> it is one of the world's most life-threatening disease. >> soccer player kicking off a campaign to help. from sierra leone and plays for the national team there. the campaign, kick ebola in the butt. here's how it works. your partner, in michael's case the doctor in temple university -- >> gets a free shot five wheat a way to kick a soft soccer ball at your behind. if he hits you donate to doctors without borders. if your partner misses, he or she donates. >> donate $100 to doctors without borders. >> and doctors without borders is on the ground in west africa helping to control the outbreak. while it is a fun campaign, he says he has seen the problem in west africa and serious, so he wants to give people a way to help. there is a link to this site on monica? >> thank you so much. and gloucester county, new
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jersey. first responders are being trained to deal with ebola should it show up in our area. and a free training session in clayton. learning how to safely transport a patient and how to wear protect clothing. available to police, fire, ems, and first-responder groups. a special section on our website with the latest developments on ebola. in addition to breaking updates there is a helpful guide on fact versus fiction, and answers to how the virus really spreads. that's all available to you right now on your tablet or computer at in other news tonight the south jersey mad who admitted to killing a millville police officer in a crash in 2012 spending nearly two decades behind bars. today a judge sentenced timothy
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seidel to prison, pleading guilty to manslaughter and assault in the death of christopher reeves. he slammed his car into reeves patrol car and reeves' partner was also injured in the collision. and people out of a home because of a fast moving fire on north 25th street of the fire started in a vacant building but quickly spread to several homes next door. no one hurt, but the homes were destroyed. the cause of the fire still under investigation tonight. from our delaware news room, state police officers arrested this man, 38 year old reginald mitchell on suspected drug charges. they found heroine on him and in his home found 600 bags as well. held on bail tonight. election day 11 days from now. that means you will be seeing and hearing more about the race
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for pennsylvania governor. >> matt o'donnell spoke to both candidates for "inside story" and previewing what you will see this kwaeweekend. >> the candidates visited our studios, one-on-one interviews. corbett behind in the polls and in a fight to keep his job. you hear him defend his record. >> what they call a prossive tile income tax i don't think it will happen. >> what about you and the fees that go up. >> you are all over the place here. >> talk about your record. >> when i came into office i did not run on transportation, you remember that. >> am i wrong or -- >> the democrat and businessman tom wolfe seeking a new day in harrisburg. he wants to raise state income taxes but we wanted to know by how much. >> you haven't told anyone how much more the increase would be
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for people that would see higher taxes. could you at least even right now just state all right, i am going to cap it at 10%, cap it at 15%, 20%, can you do that? >> certainly less than that. i can't do that. >> it will be less than 10%. less than 5%? >> we will talk to them about taxes, education funding, deal with the legislature, potential for more gridlock in harrisburg. marijuana laws and porngate. and their issues and responses on "inside story" sunday 10:00 a.m. on 6abc. matt o'donnell channel of "action news." >> and watch more of matt o'donnell's one-on-one interviews with tom corbett and the challenger tom wolfe on "inside story." addressing issues from jobs, taxes and education. that is this sunday starting at 10:00 a.m. here on 6abc. drivers in wilmington,
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delawa delaware using route 13 have to make changes. they are removing the bridge deck and finishes other projects including. and the southbound lanes close at 8:00 p.m. and are closed until monday at noon. there are some posted detour signs in the area to help folks get around this weekend. >> and speaking of getting around, an update on the highways and byways. >> watching and catching slow speeds this friday afternoon. by the way in new castle stick with 9, maybe churchman's road or highway 1 this weekend to get around the closure. 202 in chester county, southbound very slow approaching 29 through this point at the merge. approaching 401. another accident this afternoon in the work zone off to the side. giving us extra heavy conditions. the street collapse in west conshohocken, expected to be closed throughout the weekend. stick with 320 to get around that blockage. a nasty afternoon on 95.
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northbound locked up from walt whitman bridge to the work zone on cottman avenue. and the ramp closed because of an overturned vehicle. and tacony palmyra bridge a crash this afternoon, speeds 9 miles an hour. sounds like fun, doesn't it? >> oh, boy, sounds like a blast. thanks, matt. he doesn't get out much. >> much more to come on "action news" friday night a long-await the reunion between two men forging an unbreakable bond thanks to big bothers and sisters. and these college students in the halloween stewart in villanova. no pumpkin safe. we show you. it looks fun but disgusting tachlt. upper 60s and talking about the 70s making a return in the accuweather forecast. and the eagles putting final touches on their gameplan ahead of sunday's game.
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and that and more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> two men brought together through the big brothers-big
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sisters organization reunited today after more than five decades. jordan meyers and gerald metz met today, and the south division of big brothers-big sisters reconnecting alumni like jordan and gerald as part of the 100-year anniversary. >> being brought up by a single mother until she remarried, i didn't have that kind of role model but i always aspired to it. and jordan did that. >> everybody has the ability to change people's lives. >> when gerald and jordan were brothers the favorite thing to do is gone to sporting events together. the last time they saw each other was at gerald's wedding 55 years ago. and eagles getting ready to playing the cardinals this weekend. >> and final press for eagles and cardinals. and jason kelsey questionable
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for the game. we thought he was targeting next week as an optimistic chance to play recovering from double hernia surgery. the fact he has not been ruled out yet is pretty impressive in my mind. talking about this game, also questionable is kendricks and sproles. and sproles says he should be good to go, which is good news against the cardinal team that is tough against the run. number one in the league. only one running back managed over 100 yards against them the past 25 games. and mccoy knows how good they are. >> this guy will play ball. they are a good team. they play well together. what is so impressive about that defense, it is just the way they kind of utilize their players. a lot of guys are hurt that are very good. for other guys to step in and make plays it shows you a lot about the defense. they play fast down there. the offensive side of the ball no question the cardinals have a great group of receivers
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led by larry fitzgerald. what about the quarterback? talking about the cardinal's man behind center. >> carson the prototypical nfl quarterback. you know where he is going to be, where his launch point is he is seven or eight yards behind the center. that allows the defense to zero in on him. they know where the target is. but the x seven or eight yards behind center. if they get to carston palmer he tends to rush throws and make mistakes. if he can get in the pocket and can step, pass and throw he can shred a defense. >> and join us for game day and we break it down after the game at 11:35 p.m. on channel 6. we are your official eagles' station. flyers snake-bit thus far
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this season. mcdonald out four weeks, what a hit to the defense. and already trying to come back, this is probably a set back for him. the coach will have to scramble to find away to piece together a defense they called up from lehigh valley. five healthy defensemen left. tomorrow's game against detroit they have to do something. when the going gets tough, the tough get going. >> i feel bad for the guys being out a month here, but we have to deal with it. i think we have a good team and a few teams get hit with the injury bug and they have to deal with it. it is no different. a tough challenge for us, but we'll accept it as a team. good news, on the ice the first time since his injury, thinking it will take a few days to get back. he is shooting for next week. the sixers made a trade
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sending the guard to brooklyn in exchange for teague. and a draft pick in 2019. mark your calendars, the sixer start the regular season on monday. that is like casper the friendly ghost gone for halloween. he's out. and a perfect night for a few last competition. >> and the prime timeline up with everything you need to kick off the weekend starting with "last man standing" at 8:00. >> man, this box is heavy for the average man. >> it looks like he is trying to sweet talk her, she is not having any of it. and the sister's friend think she is the nanny and plenty of
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laughs. and at 10:00, an all-new "shark tank" and entrepreneurs from malvern. and finding emergency, smart phones and tablets turned into personal sxuecurity systems. >> you download the app and put in the information and it goes back to our monitoring center. >> the shark tank producers received over 35,000 applications for this season alone and just over 112 pitches will actually air like this one. >> your friday prime timeline up with last man standing 8:00. looking at the center city skyline, two local security developers, and an expo say on folks who cheated the system for cash and "action news at 11:00." and we want to hear from you at "20/20" share your thought and we want to hear from you at "20/20" share your thought with us on.
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>> talk about fun, i guess. villanova university plummeting pumpkins today this is how the engineer students get into the
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halloween spirit. putting principles to the test in the pumpkin drop. 16 teams dropped pumpkins from the top of a 100-foot fire truck ladder. who can make the biggest splat or protect it from an apparatus they designed. and prizes awarded to the teams performing the best. >> pumpkin puree. >> the weather for the weekend. >> beautiful, start-to-finish. and next week in the 70s. remember the 70s? >> i love the 70s. >> the best decade ever. >> i was thinking about pie. >> and double scan radar, trying to do quick math in my head. not much in the way of cloud cover today and the action cam confirms that as double scan is perfectly crystal clear. a beautiful shot here at the gazebo at the fairmount
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waterworks. not very fall-looking here at the blue sky. green on grass and trees, starting to hit peak across much of the delaware valley despite what it looks like at that vantage point. and the the accuweather line-up the big jump in temperature, the warm numbers and satellite and radar where much of the lower 48 quiet. yesterday, 57 in philadelphia and rapid rebound to near 70 degrees today. above the normal of 64 degrees. completely did a 180 in 24 hours. 64 in allentown and trenton, upper 50s in the poconos. 66 millville, and wilmington coming in at 68 degrees. satellite and radar, that swirling storm, all the energy finally beginning to pull away from new england. just a few high clouds streaming in from the south and west right now. and as you can see the lower 48 pretty quiet in the northern plains, as well as the nation's heartland. a cold front approaches late tomorrow but not much in the way of cloud cover.
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and 68 degrees, and the front flips to the south and low pressure develops over the canadian maritimes that combined with the high to the west gets the wind tunnel effect between the two on sunday. still a decent amount of sun sunday and few clouds, but very windy out of the northwest. speeds 25-35 miles per hour with high temperatures around 65. as we look at the forecast for tonight, mostly clear. winds relaxed. upper 30s in the suburbs, a little chill in the air. 46 degrees for center city. the dayplanner for saturday in the morning, a seasonable start, sun and clouds 46 at 7:00 a.m. 55 degrees at 10:00 in the morning. and in the afternoon the sunshine remains in control, temperature 64 at 1:00 and comfortable at 4:00. and 68 tomorrow and winds pick up sunday at 65. and seasonable looking good on monday, 64. and then we head to the 70s for
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tuesday and wednesday. wednesday a cold front comes through with a couple of showers in the afternoon. otherwise, thursday into halloween, looking pretty good, 64 to 65 degrees. and on the dry side. now if you have some chores to do this weekend like raking, you don't have to do it it will be so windy sunday it will blow all over the place. >> it will rake itself. thank you.lace. and stay on top of the weather situation with the new and visit for stormtracker 6 radar. the hourly and seven-day forecast. and the latest video from our "action news" meteorologists. and our collection of weather-related photos and videos. well now an update to a story we first told you about yesterday. honey boo boo show canned. be the series filmed a whole other season set to air at the end of this year but the network says it was ending the show for the health and welfare of the children, including 9 year old
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elena. h her mother reportedly dat
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>> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories and more next at 6:00. breaking news from washington state, a shooting at a high school left two dead. and a priest at two local parishes facing pornography charges happen. and way more next. and the two candidates in the senate race, we have that story coming up. and those stories and more coming up next. for adam joseph, cecily tynan, jamie apody, rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm monic
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♪ "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. it is friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the latest on yet another school shooting. this time in the state of washington. students emerge from marysville-pilchuck high school high school today after a student opened fire in the cafeteria. one person was killed in addition to the student gunman who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. a total of four students were taken to the hospital. three are in very critical condition. the school is 30 miles north of seattle. in other words said nothing about what might have sparked the shooting, and nothing about the gunman or the wounded
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students. ebola victim nina pham has been released from the hospital in bethesda, maryland. pham went directly from the hospital to the white house where she got a hug and good wishes from president obama. pham caught the ebola virus while caring for thomas duncan at a dallas hospital. duncan died of the disease. pham thanked her medical team and even a higher authority today after her release. >> i feel fortunate and blessed to be standing here today. i would first and foremost like to thank god, my family and friends. throughout this ordeal, i put my trust in god and my medical team. i am on my way back to recovery, even as i reflect on how many others have not been so fortunate. >> the head of infectious diseases at the nih said the public shouldn't be afraid because pham contracted